Top 6 tourist attractions in Berlin

If you’re looking for an amazing tourist destination to visit for your vacation, then Berlin is an ideal option to consider. Wondering Why? Well, Berlin is full of life, politics, media, science, and so much more that you can’t possibly explore in a few days. 

If you need reasons to visit this German’s capital city, you’ve come to the right place. Here, I will discuss 5 top places to check out once you land in Berlin. 

  1. Berliner Fernsehturm 

It’s impossible to miss this tower scaling up the skyline. Berliner Fernsehturm is Berlin’s Television Tower featuring an amazing height of 368 meters. This 50 years old tower is a major tourist attraction in Berlin that has attracted over 60 million tourists. Thanks to its height, the tower offers a 360° panoramic view of the city. 

  1. Brandenburg Gate 

Built in 1791, the Brandenburg Gate is a famous tourist attraction in Berlin that you can’t afford to miss. It was one of the many city gates that give way to the city of Berlin. Currently, the gate features Pariser Platz decoration and gives way to some of Berlin’s important buildings, such as the Akademie der Künste and the Hotel Adlon. 

  1. Berlin Cathedral 

Berlin is full of numerous churches, with Berlin Cathedral being the largest. The Cathedral is found in the Museum Island in Mitte and was built in the 20th century to express the imperial of Germany. You can also explore other features near the Cathedral such as the Museum’s Island, the St.Hedwigs, and the German Historical Museum. 

  1. Museum Island 

Besides being one of Berlin UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Museum Island houses some of the most important exhibition centres in Berlin that encompasses over 6,000 years of art and cultural history. Here, you’ll find the Alters Museum, the Neues Museum, the Bode Museum, the Alte Nationalgalerie, and the Pergamon Museum. 

  1. The Oberbaum Bridge 

Also known as Oberbaumbrücke is two stories high and spans the Spree River. The bridge links two districts – the Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain districts. Oberbaum is also considered a sign of unity as it connects former East Germany with the West. Near the bridge, you’ll find other attractions such as the Warschauer Strasse, Magnet Club Berlin, Watergate, Berlin Craft Beer Experience, and the Wall Museum, among others. 

  1. Treptower Park 

For nature walks, you should check out the Treptower Park. It’s located in the south of Central Berlin, alongside River Spree. This park features the best historical moments of World War 2, so it’s a must-see destination for history enthusiasts. The park is also home to a huge military cemetery and the Enormous Soviet War Memorial (built in 1949 to commemorate the Soviet soldiers who fought in the Battle of Berlin)


Frankly, we can’t exhaust all the beautiful and endless sceneries that you can explore in Berlin. Besides the ones we’ve discussed above, make sure you check out the Berlin War Memorial, Unter Den Linden, Alexanderplatz, Topography of Terror, and Gendarmenmarkt, among other places.